Every Purchase of an Official GPS Tracker Dissertation Guarantee from PT. Digital Sarana Transportasi

We provide guaranteed warranties and services for all products and services purchased from us. Make sure all the products you buy are equipped with Sticker / Warranty Card / Invoice / Ticket Support from us ( PT. Digital Sarana Transportasi ). In addition to the printed version for customers, we provide this warranty guarantee on this site so potential customers can find out. Pay attention to the warranty and service provided, if you are unclear, immediately confirm with us.


Regarding the lifetime guarantee guarantee that we provide, we always inform you when offering goods and services.
The warranty period for certain types is one (2) years from the date of purchase. During that period, damaged products must be delivered / delivered / sent to us immediately. We will be responsible for replacing new units excluding damage to the Antenna / microfone and Relay.
Damage after the warranty period, products delivered / sent to us will still be serviced without being charged a repair service fee, but if there are spare parts that must be replaced, we will inform you and the costs will be borne by the customer.
Customers should check the physical condition of the product purchased. Claims on the product’s physical defects (eg broken, cracked, burned) after the product is received, cannot be exchanged or returned.
Please save your purchase invoice and Ticket Support number to get after sales service and help our technician (Technical Support).
If it is necessary to come to the place, we provide on-site service The costs of visitation and accommodation that arise will be adjusted and informed in advance
We accept Service Contract requests or extended warranty periods for a certain annual fee.
This warranty claim process follows the general standard provisions of electronic goods. We strive to help the interests of customers and not take advantage of the general conditions and standards of the guarantee.


Accidentally / unintentionally damage the warranty seal attached to each product purchased.
Damage due to natural disasters (earthquake, fire, flood, lightning) riots, accidents, theft, damage by animals, unstable voltage or power, user error or negligence (fall, exposed to water / chemical liquid).
Change, reduce, modify or add specifications of goods with equipment or other accessories that are not in accordance with the instructions for use.
Other parties besides our technicians have been fixed.
Removal, installation and configuration of goods that are wrong or not according to the instructions in the guide, both mechanically and electronically.
The engine cut-off feature is only used for emergency conditions such as vehicle theft, because it could have a negative impact on the engine and it is not recommended to install it on a diesel engine with the Turbo Timer function.
Other impacts apart from damage to the device and the GPS Tracker system itself.


To support after-sales service and accommodate customer concerns about problems arising from equipment – especially after the warranty period, we provide a brief guide (manual) for customers and are ready to provide training (1x training session) for technicians, especially for corporate customers who are outside Jabodetabek. This is so that customers can find out how to use it properly, carry out maintenance, to install and remove the installation of the problematic equipment yourself without having to go out the cost of repair shops or repairs. Then, to repair a damaged GPS Tracker spare part, the device can be delivered or sent to us for repair. According to factory standards, the GPS Tracker has an economic age of approximately five (3) years.

Free Training facilities provided include how to install tools and use the GPS Tracking System application, and are carried out once during the first installation with a minimum order requirement of 10 units. Training requests or subsequent Technical Support visits will incur a fee.

Follow the instructions from the manual to use the available features. If there are features that don’t work, please submit a complaint and ask for help through the Free Web Support facility. Keep the Ticket Support number of each GPS Tracker device installed for the purposes of the Support and Warranty process.